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i'm in slytherin! This is another fanblog with random entries about my fandom. I usually post lame and stupid picspams. I'm a huge KANJANI 8 supporter. Majority of my posts are related to them, especially about Nishikido Ryo.
Behind the username: onigishi is a song of Kanjani8. It is not my favorite song by the way. I just happen to like it because it doesn't have a meaning in Japanese. It is a pun of the word "onigiri" which means rice ball.

Johnny's Entertainment, manga, music downloads, japanese dramas/movies, graphics, icon making, soccer, kawaii things, comedy shows

Johnnys-group pun™

Group: Cranky Kids (Kinki Kids)
Member name: Dots
Partner's name: Doko (tamegorou)
Debuted: May 8, 2007
First single: Harmony of Disimber (Harmony of December)
Dot's single: EndliBERRY
Doko's single: How Deaf Eez Your Heart/+Million-LUFF,

check us out and support our johnnys-group pun™ ! =P

one tagteam pair

I am a sucker for OTPs, but I am not the type to think yaoi/BL. I only like pairings because they either look good onscreen or because they have a special friendship I discovered.

♥ RyoChi (Nishikido Ryo x Uchi Hiroki)
♥ AKame (Akanishi Jin x Kamenashi Kazuya)
♥ TomaPi (Ikuta Toma x Yamashita Tomohisa)
♥ RyoPi (Nishikido Ryo x Yamashita Tomohisa)
♥ TsuyoKada (Domoto Tsuyoshi x Okada Junichi a.k.a the "secret" bestbuds)
♥ OhYas (Ohkura Tadayoshi x Yasuda Shota)
♥ TomoKada (Nagase Tomoya x Okada Junichi)
♥ SHO/Ohmiya (Ohno Satoshi x Ninomiya Kazunari x Sho Sakurai)
♥ Kinki Kids (they're already a pair)


Nishikido Ryo @ je_claims
Matsumoto Jun's ENJOY jweb, Sakurai Sho's "Chesto" nickname @ arashi_claims

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